Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Follow the Camino, we believe in doing the right thing. This means taking responsibility for the impact we have on the places and communities we work with.

There is huge potential for the tourism industry to positively impact the world, through supporting communities, increasing wellbeing, and helping to build intercultural understanding.

Climate Change and Eco-Tourism

Follow the Camino responsibility in climate change

Climate change is happening and represents the biggest challenge of the next 50 years.

The tourism industry has been growing extremely rapidly across the planet in the past 30+ years and is continuing to grow. Worryingly, it currently represents a staggering 8% of carbon emissions worldwide.

This has started the growing trend of lower carbon holidays and eco-tourism. Follow the Camino, and our other brand One Foot Abroad, are taking action to make our products as sustainable and conscious as we can. As a company, we aim to have a net positive impact on the planet.

It is essential that companies and the travel industry take responsibility for our carbon footprint and reduce the negative impact on our planet as much as possible.

To help mitigate the effects of the carbon generated by our business operations we have purchased a piece of bogland in Ireland and we are working on restoring it. Once restored the bog will stop leaking CO2 and will store many tonnes of carbon. Recovered bogs will remove more CO2 from the atmosphere as well.

In addition, we are working on reforestation projects, bringing native woodlands back to Ireland.


We believe in treating all people fairly and supporting those who need support. Travelling is an incredible way to meet people from many different backgrounds, and interact with them in a meaningful way. We want all our interactions to be positive and equitable.

All people should be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, level of ability, nationality, background, or beliefs.

Inequality is a threat to the planet as it contributes to a standard of living which is unsustainable globally.

take action to fight global warming

Our Actions

We believe in taking meaningful actions to make a positive impact on our environment and its people. Everyone needs to act now. When it comes to climate change, we are running out of time.


  • We use laptops so that staff can work from home and reduce commuting.
  • We use minimal devices so we reduce tech waste.
  • We try and service old PCs to extend their lives.
  • We use online meetings to avoid flights.
  • We buy locally where possible.
  • We have bicycle parking for staff.
  • We are reducing our paper/hard copy material and opting for recycled and sustainably sourced paper wherever possible.
  • We track the carbon footprint of our traveller’s journeys with us to allow us to monitor and reduce our emissions or offset them.
  • We encourage our clients to be aware of the environment and conscious while they travel, trying local food and plant-based meals on their journeys.
  • One Foot Abroad has purchased a piece of natural bog (wetland) in Ireland, which we will be restoring.

Projects we collaborate with:
– KE: 210683 ­ 212922 (Efficient Cook Stove Programmes: Kenya) – [ASK UMB for the CO2 cert] Project number: 5336 – Provider: co2balance UK Limited
– Green Restoration Ireland Cooperative Restoration of Irish natural habitat in forestry and bogland


  • We have fair hiring policies to ensure we hire based on merit.
  • We pay a fair and livable salary to our employees.
  • We pay our interns and provide them with learning opportunities.
  • We take a zero-tolerance stance on workplace harassment, intimidation and bullying.
  • We foster long-term relationships with suppliers and look out for any behaviour we don’t agree with.
  • We support small businesses and employers.

The United Nations Global Compact

In order to make a stronger and more structured commitment towards playing a positive role on those issues, we joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2018. This scheme provides a framework for us to take action in this global effort as well as monitor the effects.

Through the UNGC framework, we monitor our impact on human rights, labour, the environment, and fighting corrupotion.

Ask us about sustainable travel options

We would love to help you plan your next sustainable, conscious travel adventure. Walking holidays are a fantastic way to connect with a new country or place and learn about the world in a more meaningful way.

Read more about being an eco-tourist here: