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Camino Deluxe: The Camino in Luxury

When you think of the Camino you may not think of this as a luxury trip, but here at Follow the Camino this is exactly what we have designed for our more discerning guests. If you are accustomed to a high level of comfort but still want to walk the Camino then this is the package for you.

On this package we have:

  • Hand-picked the Best Accommodation – Hotels and Paradores in historic buildings and enchanting Guesthouses in the countryside, all with a high level of service for your comfort.
  • Opportunity to experience traditional cuisine made with fresh local products and a touch of creativity.
  • Luggage Transfer – to allow you to get the most out of your day and pick up souvenirs along the way
  • Airport Transfers – keeping it stress free to get you to and from the airport

What better way to experience the Camino than staying in some of the finest accommodations, getting a good nights sleep and feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. After all Kings and Queens have done the Camino and they didn’t slum it so why should you!

The Camino de Santiago passes through some of the most varied landscape of Spain. From forests to the open countryside, small sleepy hamlets to large bustling towns. Rolling hills and a mixture of trails keep the days varied and all along you will know that at the end of each day the best accommodation available is waiting for you. As some of the routes of the Camino are not that busy they don’t have the high standard of accommodation that we would like to offer our clients on this Deluxe Package and hence we recommend the following options:

Deluxe Packages

Experience the famous Last 100km of the Camino in the lap of luxury! The route begins in Sarria and finishes in Santiago de Compostela, traversing the idyllic hilly landscapes of Galicia and staying in comfortable accommodation the whole way. Reward your efforts in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the heart and hub of all pilgrimages on the Way of St James, and get your pilgrim certificate feeling refreshed by the whole experience!
Experience this alternative Last 100km of the Camino Portugues route from the Portuguese border up through woodlands, villages, farmlands, into the Albarino wine region and on to the city of Santiago de Compostela. This Camino, which was used by Queen Isabel of Portugal in the 13th Century, heads north following the Atlantic coast of Portugal and Spain. Follow in royal footsteps with luxurious accommodation options in quaint towns.
This package, on the coastal alternative route of the Camino Portugues, takes you along the Atlantic coastline. You will stop in the coastal cities of Baiona and Vigo on the way before rejoining the traditional Camino Portugues from Redondela on to the city of Santiago de Compostela. This region is known for its seafood, in particular its oysters and scallops, so be sure to sample these delicacies before each night of comfortable sleep.

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