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Famous Last 100km - Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Stage 8
7 days
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Sarria to Santiago de Compostela Map

For those who are short on time, but still want to experience the beauty of completing the Camino, you can walk from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela through the beautiful hilly landscapes of Galicia in just 5 days. You will still receive your certificate of completion, or Compostela, upon arrival at Santiago Cathedral. Take an extra day or 2 to experience the magical city sights at the end.

The final stage of the famous Camino Frances (or French Way) is the most popular Camino package.



Portomarín, is a delightful medieval village, situated on the river Mino. Portomarin is famous for its 400M romanesque staircase that leads you to the town. An interesting fact about this town is that before the dam was created in the 60’s the town use to be lower down in the valley. When they created the dam they moved the town, which was no small feat, as they had to painstakingly take down and rebuild the Church of St John which dates from the 12th century and was built by the workshop of Master Mateo who is responsible for the Portica de Gloria in the Cathedral in Santiago.

Celtic Ruins - Castro de Castromaior

A small detour off the Camino, approx 1km pass the town of Castromaior on the way to Melide, you will find the 2000 year old Celtic ruins of Castro de Castromaior. The recent excavations on this settlement has found proof of occupation from 4BC to when the Romans arrived. Watch out for this detour as it is great spot to get a photo and standing up on the embankment provides a splendid view over the Galician countryside.

Santiago de Compostela

Just before arriving to Santiago you will pass the Mount of Joy, here take time to get a stamp at the small church but also go over to your left to visit the Pilgrim Statues pointing at the city. It is here that you will get your first glimpse as the Cathedral in the distance. There are few feelings like the one of arriving to Praza do Obradoiro in front of the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela after your long pilgrimage. Once in the city, you can explore the bustling medieval streets, filled with market stalls, restaurants, bars and buskers, as well as the many interesting museums and Alameda Park for a relaxing stroll if you haven’t had enough of walking!

Sarria to Santiago De Compostela
Camino Frances
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Day 1

SARRIA (Arrival)

Make your way to your hotel in Sarria in time to enjoy your first evening meal, and get a good rest before you begin your Camino. If you are feeling energised before your walk, visit the town’s main religious sites, Convento de la Magdalena and Iglesia Santa Marina de Sarria.

Day 2


Expect a peaceful walk in shady oak woods and pretty villages on quiet country roads. The village of Barbadelo (at an elevation of 580m) has a beautiful Romanesque church that is worth a visit. The next significant village is Ferreiros. When you arrive in Portomarin (an elevation of 550m) you can relax on one of the numerous terraces of the town’s main plaza.

Day 3


From the village, the Camino crosses the river Minho and climbs uphill. On your way, you’ll be crossing Gonzar and passing the Romanesque Church of Santa María, Castromaior. The calm of the Galician Cemetery in Ligonde on a sunny day is a rest in itself. In Eirexe, the Romanesque portal of the church is a beauty, featuring a sculpture of Daniel, as well as a statue of Santiago de Peregrino. You will then arrive in Palas de Rei (at an elevation of 565m).

Day 4


Today, the Camino continues slightly downhill, passing the village of Casanova and the charming village of Leboreiro. At Melide (an elevation of 454m), stop in one of the many restaurants to try some local specialities. Later today, the Camino will follow a forest track and cross several streams bringing you to the village of Boente. Then, you’ll encounter the mediaeval village of Ribadiso, and finally Arzua (at an elevation of 389m). This small town has two churches that you can visit, Santa María and La Magdalena.

Day 5


This shaded section of the Camino will pass through woods, along streams, and through sleepy villages. Take your time and visit the chapel of Santa Irena, with its unique statues of Santiago. The rest of the way to Rua-O Pino is on a quiet country road. Rua (at an elevation of 310m) is one of the less crowded stopping points before Santiago de Compostela.

Day 6


You’re nearly there! The next stage will be Lavacolla, where pilgrims traditionally washed in the river before reaching Santiago de Compostela. Tall eucalyptus trees line your way to Monte del Gozo, or Mount of Joy. From here, you can see your goal – the Cathedral of Santiago! After a descent to the city you’ll be able to witness this UNESCO World Heritage Site up-close. Marvel at the architecture and relish the wonderful atmosphere in this cultural and spiritual mecca, and contemplate all you’ve experienced on your amazing journey.

Day 7


After breakfast, we bid you farewell. If you wish to stay in the area, we recommend that you: – Take your time and visit the magnificent historic centre of Santiago. – Continue with us along the wild Camino Fisterra (Finisterre Way), and stay overnight at the hotel in the lighthouse! – Or take a bus to Fisterra to visit the unspoilt sandy coves and beaches of the west coast. With very few tourists, you are guaranteed a very special experience. Buses depart from Santiago Bus Station at 9am and 10am. Buses return to Santiago at 4:45pm and 7pm. The journey takes 3 hours.

Follow the Camino is THE WAY TO GO if you're pre-planning your Camino adventure. Everything went exactly as planned and it was a beautiful, rewarding journey for my family and I. Our accommodations were all wonderful and the baggage transfer was seamless.
Jon, 2023
Sarria to Santiago de Compostela Elevation

How to Get There

Getting to Sarria, Spain

It is best to fly to Santiago de Compostela.
If flying from the United States, please check on Renfe the train timetables from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela.

Fly into Santiago de Compostela

Ryanair and Iberia/BA fly direct to Santiago de Compostela from the UK. Ryanair flies from Stansted, Nottingham East Midlands and Liverpool and Aer Lingus operates from Dublin. Many of the flights that arrive at the airport are from internal Spanish destinations. Iberia offers the best selection of flights and you can fly to and from Santiago De Compostela from: Frankfurt, Paris and Rome and Barcelona, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madrid, Malaga, Palma, Seville, Tenerife and Valencia.

You must take two buses to reach Sarria from Santiago.

1 – Santiago airport to Lugo. See timetables in English.

2 – Lugo to Sarria (30mins). Many buses every day.

Getting home from Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Fly from Santiago de Compostela

Shuttle buses from Santiago city centre to the airport (20mins).

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