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Camino Short Walking Days


Walking or cycling the Camino is a wonderful experience and personal challenge for everyone.

The standard routes and plans require a reasonable level of fitness and stamina. We have designed these shorter day itineraries to make the Camino de Santiago more accessible.

At Follow the Camino, we want everybody to be able to experience the Camino in the best way for them. Completing a section of the Camino is uniquely satisfying and it is wonderful to have accomplished something extraordinary and meaningful.

This is why we have a full range of manageable walking and cycling itineraries across several Camino routes.

We call them our Camino Short Days.

Camino Short Days offer walking itineraries of less than 15km (10 miles) per day and cycling itineraries of less than 20km (13 miles) per day. These shorter distances mean that you can take the routes at a pace that suits you. You can stop more often if you need to, and you can start a little later.

You will be walking for roughly half of each day, with plenty of time in the afternoon to rest and recover. For those who are looking for more time to explore, the Camino Short Days packages offer the afternoons to try local cuisine and take short trips to nearby sites that you may otherwise miss.

The Camino Short Days options are fantastic for anyone with mobility difficulties or injuries. We can even tailor them to suit people with walking disabilities and wheelchair users.

Our most popular Camino Short Days itinerary is from Palas de Rei to Santiago de Compostela. The route is a total of 65km over 7 days.

Along the way, you will stay in carefully chosen authentic accommodation. This can include beautiful pensiones, genuine casa rurales, and family-owned hotels. You will be well-rested and ready to enjoy the social and cultural scene at each place that you visit. Enjoy the freshest local food and drinks along the way too, with plenty of time to rest and enjoy your meals.

Remember that we can create customised itineraries for you, so if there is something specific you are looking for. Contact us and we will tailor-make a trip for your needs!

Recommended Package

For those who would like to walk in a more leisurely manner over 7 Days, but still want to experience the beauty of the Camino and meet other sociable pilgrims, this is the right package for you. The route begins in the town of Palas De Rei and finishes in Santiago de Compostela, traversing the hilly landscapes of Galicia. Reward your efforts by gaining your Compostela certificate in Santiago, the heart and hub of all pilgrimages on the Way of St James.

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