Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have booked your Camino trip or are still thinking about it, below we have curated some of the most popular questions people have about their Camino journey.


  • What is the difference between a Comfort and a Budget package?

    Our comfort packages offer a mix of 2 to 3-star hotels and rustic guesthouses.

    Our budget packages include simple, modest accommodation in a mixture of 1 to 2-star hotels and pensions (very basic Spanish guesthouses).

    Both packages include private rooms with private bathrooms unless otherwise specified.

  • What is the difference between a twin and a double room?

    A twin room is a private room with two separate, single beds.

    A double room is a private room with one full-size bed, if available. In some hotels, a double room may consist of two twin beds pushed together.

  • Where are the hotels located?

    The hotels and guesthouses we book are located in towns along your trip. Unless we specify otherwise, the hotels are easy to reach on foot.

    To find out more about the types of accommodation we select and why check out dedicated post on this here: Hand Picked Accommodation on the Camino de Santiago.

  • What happens if my accommodation is not right on the Camino?

    We delight ourselves in providing our costumers with quality accommodation. Some of our hand picked accommodations are located outside the town. If you are staying in one of these accommodations, you will need to check your vouchers for specific instructions on how to get to your accommodation, most likely the accommodation will organize a taxi transfer for you or they will pick you up themselves. This information will be specified on your vouchers. It is very important that you check your vouchers before starting to walk each morning so you know in advance how to reach your accommodation and you can plan ahead. 

  • Is there an option to upgrade accommodation along the Camino?

    Our comfort packages offer a mix of 2 and 3 Stars accommodation and rustic guesthouses. The Camino goes through rural areas where accommodation is very limited and it goes through some of the most beautiful cities of the Spanish Meseta like Burgos and Leon. In the big cities an upgrade to a superior accommodation is possible, although we cannot guarantee it as it depends on availability at the time of booking, but we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

  • Will I have a private bathroom?

    En-suite means private bathroom. All rooms are booked with a private bathroom unless otherwise specified.

  • Do the hotels have Wifi?

    Some hotels will have Wifi or Internet access but not all of them. The Camino goes through rural areas where internet service might not always be reliable. 

  • Does my hotel have a swimming pool?

    We usually have a note on the voucher if the hotel has an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Please note that outdoor swimming pools are seasonal, so if you are travelling out of season, the swimming pool might be closed. Also for indoor swimming pools, the use of a swimming cap is compulsory, you can bring your own; or you can purchase one at the hotel. 

  • Will I have access to a washer?

    Most of the hotels/pensions on the Camino offer laundry service for an extra fee. website what facilities each of the hotels offer. 

  • Is there a porterage service?

    Porterage service is not common at the Camino. Some hotels in the bigger cities might offer it for an extra fee. But in the small villages along the Camino this service will not be available.

    Please note that the hotels are not committed to bring your luggage to your room so it will be up to you to carry it to your bedroom. In some cases, accommodation may not have a lift and you may have to carry the luggage up the stairs so we recommend you pack light. 

  • Is the reception open 24 hours?

    It depends on the accommodation. Traditionally hotels do have a 24/7 reception, but in the Camino the accommodations where you are going to be staying are family run hotels mostly, so most likely there’s nobody at reception at night. We recommend you check with them upon check-in. 

    On your arrival day if you are arriving late, please let us know so we can inform the hotel in advance.

  • Do the staff at the accommodation speak English?

    Some staff might have good English and some might not. 

    If you have any trouble communicating or you encounter a language barrier, we have a 24/7 support phone number to assist you. You can find this number at the bottom of the page on each one of your vouchers. 

  • What is the check-in and check-out time?

    Usually check-in time is 3pm, and check-out time is 11am. Some hotels might have variations on the check-in and check-out times as this is at their discretion. Please check your vouchers for any special notes on this. 

  • Is there a storage room in the hotel?

    If you arrive before the check in time you can ask reception to store your luggage for you until you come back to check-in. Some hotels will have a storage room and some hotels will keep the luggage with them at reception.

  • Are towels, toiletries, hairdryer provided in the accommodations?

    Hotels do provide you with towels and hairdryers. Some hotels will provide you with toiletries and some will have a shampoo and shower gel dispenser. Some accommodations might not provide toiletries at all, this depends entirely on the accommodation. We always recommend to pack some travel size shampoo and shower gel, they are tiny and always come in handy.

  • We are friends travelling together, can our rooms be located next door?

    We can certainly request this for you when we make your reservation, however, this depends on the hotel availability and we cannot guarantee it. 


  • What is breakfast like on the Camino?

    Breakfast is included in all of our itineraries. This is continental style which includes but is not limited to breads, cereals, fruits, ham, cheese, tea and coffee.  Breakfast in Spain is typically a light meal, this is true even on the Camino.

  • What time is breakfast served?

    Usually from 07:30 am to 10 am.

    If you would like to start walking before this time, we recommend you ask at reception upon check-in if they would be able to provide you with a packed breakfast. 

  • Are dinners included in my reservation?

    The meals included in your holiday appear on your booking confirmation as well as vouchers. They should appear under “Meals” and only those stated on your vouchers are included.  If dinner is included, it will say breakfast and dinner. If not included, it will say Breakfast only. 

    Please note that drinks are not included in the price of the holiday.

    Meals booked are usually served in the hotel. In some of our accommodations, you may be served in a restaurant close by; please refer to your voucher and the reception of your hotel for more information.


  • What time is dinner in Spain?

    Dinner is usually served from 7pm or 8pm until 10pm but times may vary in individual hotels and restaurants. Dinner usually consists of a 3 course set menu of starter, main and dessert.

  • Are drinks included?

    Drinks are not included. Some hotels may provide a complimentary drink on arrival or with your evening meal.

  • Dietary requirements? Food allergies?

    If you have dietary requirements/ allergies, it is very important that you let us know at the time of booking to be able to inform the hotels in advance. 

    Please remember to mention again any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, coeliac, etc), upon check-in. If you have communicated this information to us at time of booking, we have already advised them of your requirements, but a second mention is always a safer way to get the food you need.


  • Are there shops/ cafes along the route?

    Depending on the route, there will be plenty cafes and shops every few kilometers, there’s also water fountains to fill up your water bottle. Join us in taking care of the environment by carrying a reusable water bottle with you.

    Some other routes will have less infrastructures along the way, so you will need to pack snacks for the day. You will have this information to help you plan your trip on your walking notes. 

Transfers and Luggage transfer

  • Do you offer Airport transfer to my Camino starting point?

    We do. Ask your Camino planner about the easiest airport to fly to, depending on your route and starting point. They will be happy to assist you.

    For airport transfers, we need your flights details( Arrival time and flight number)  in order to arrange this service for you. 

  • How can I find my airport transfer on arrival?

    At the airport, look for our driver at the meeting area of the terminal. He will be holding a sign “FOLLOWTHECAMINO” and/or your name/booking reference.

  • Whats happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

    If your flight is delayed or cancelled, please contact us as soon as possible on the 24/7 support line to inform us so we can assist you.

    Please note no refund can be given due to missed transfers that have not been reported to Follow The Camino.

  • What happens if I get injured or I do not want to continue walking?

    We recommend you take a taxi. It’s a very good practice to ask on reception when you check out if they could give you the number of a local taxi, in case you get tired/ injured/ or do not want to continue walking.

    When ordering a taxi bear in mind that you need to be in a bar or recognizable landmark so they know where you are and they can pick you up. It also needs to be reachable by car. So if you are on the Camino path in the middle of a forest, it wont be possible for a taxi to pick you up. 

    If you encounter a language barrier with the taxi driver, you can call our support line and will be happy to assist you. 

  • When is my luggage transferred?

    Luggage is transferred on the days that you are walking to a different hotel. We ask you to have it ready at reception at 8.00 so as to make sure we can deliver your luggage and others as early as possible in the afternoon.

    Make sure that you use our luggage tags. Ideally, write your trip reference and the group leader’s name so our luggage handler can identify your luggage straight away. You can also add a mobile phone number to the luggage tags if you wish. Please note that the hotels are not committed to bring your luggage to your room so it will be up to you to carry it to your bedroom. In some cases, accommodation may not have a lift and you may have to carry the luggage up the stairs. It is usually delivered to your next hotel by 6pm max.

    Note that if you are not going by foot or cycling to your following destination you MUST take your luggage with you. On days where you are taking public transport you need take your luggage with you.

  • Is there a size or bag number limit for luggage transfer?

    The luggage transfer is limited to 1 bag per person with a maximum weight of 15 kg per bag, it does not matter the size of the bag. Additional bags can be transferred for an extra €10 per bag per transfer. Please note that boots or smaller bags attached to the main bag count as an extra bag and will be charged accordingly. 

    For the Le Puy route different rules apply. There’s a weight limit of 13kg. In case of overweight luggage, the luggage transporter will ask the client to lighten them. The luggage transporter will offer extra bags in order that every piece of luggage does not exceed 13kg (i.e. 28.6lbs), if appropriate. These extra bags will be charged to you. 

  • Can I get a lift with the luggage transporter?

    We can’t allow you to go with the luggage transporter as they are not insured to carry people only goods (luggage).

  • How do I get to my starting Camino point?

    We can arrange a private transfer to get from the nearest airport to your starting point, alternatively you can get a bus or train to the starting point. Please note we do not book train or bus services. 

  • Do I have a shuttle transfer included on the Guided Camino tours?

    Our Camino guided tours include a group shuttle transfer from Santiago de Compostela airport to the Camino starting point, and also back from Santiago de compostela to Santiago de compostela airport at the end of the trip.

    The shuttle times are fixed and if your flight departs at a different time, you will need to arrange alternative transportation from/to the airport. Your have the shuttle transfer times on your booking confirmation and your vouchers. 

  • Do you offer a support van service?

    Yes, we can provide travellers with a support van service. If you are interested on this service please contact our Camino planners for more information. 

Changes & Cancellations

  • Is it possible to make changes to a reservation?

    If a change (e.g. change of date, change of itinerary etc) is made by the Customer after the booking has been made, change fees will apply. No changes are permitted within 14 days of departure.

    For groups of 5 or more rooms no changes are permitted within 30 days of departure. (Cancellation fee applies)

    No changes are permitted on our Budget Packages (Cancellation fee applies).

    For further information please check our Terms&Conditions

  • What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

    The 30% deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. Please see our table of Cancellation Charges below :

    * More than 60 days before the starting date of the holiday – the 30% deposit.

    * 8 days or more before the starting date of the holiday: 50% of the holiday cost.

    * 7 days or less before the starting date of the holiday: 100% of holiday cost.

    For further information check our Terms&Conditions 

  • Do I need a Travel Insurance?

    We always recommend purchasing a travel insurance just in case. You never know what can happen, and they are very useful if you need to cancel a reservation. They are totally optional though.

Client Area

  • What is the Client Area?

    The client area is a direct access to our system exclusively for our clients. We have created this area specially for you to make your Camino experience as easier as possible. Whether you are a new client or a returning one, in the client area you have access to your quote & bookings history. Also, you can invite the friends you are travelling with so they have access to the booking and all the information as well. 

  • How do I access the Client Area?

    All you need to access the client area is the email address you have provided us with and your password. You can log into your client area on the Follow the Camino website, clicking on ‘Client Login’.

  • What Information can I access in the Client Area?

    In the client area you can access your itineraries (quotes, past or future bookings).

    You can make the payments for your reservation.

    You can also download general information (which contains useful information about the Camino, Pilgrim mass, pack list etc).

    Once your reservation is confirmed you can download your vouchers, the walking notes for your Camino trip and the GPS tracks. 


  • How to book your trip?
    If you have already been in contact with your sales agent, have a quote reference and are happy with your tour you can book it from the customer area following the steps below.

    1. Click on this link Customer Area and login using the same email address you have used in the communication with us
      1. If you don’t have an account yet, please click on the “no account?” button and after that fill up the form that will be open and submit it
      2. If you do not remember your password, please click on “Forgot Password”
    2. Scroll down a little bit and you will see your quote, please check the reference number. Click on the “Details” button in white
    3. You will find all the info related to your quote. On the list on the left side, you will find the “payment” option. Click there and you will be redirected to the payment window
    4. Select your deposit (you can also select more than one), click on at least the first two boxes and then on the button pay
    5. Fill your card details (Visa or Mastercard)
    6. Find the confirmation in the payment section
  • When is my final payment due?

    We charge a non-refundable 30% deposit at the time of booking.

    The payment of the final balance is due 2 months before the departure date.

    If your starting date is in less than 60 days, the full amount will be required at the time of booking.

  • Is the final payment automatically deducted?

    The final payment will not automatically be deducted. You will received an automatic email 2 weeks before your payment is due.

    If you would like to pay with a different credit card, you can go into the customer area and pay the remaining balance, or you can call us to give us the new credit card information to process the payment.

    To make the final payment through the customer area use the following steps:

    1. Click on this link Customer Area and login using the same email address you have used in the communication with us
      1. If you don’t have an account yet, please click on the “no account?” button and after that fill up the form that will be open and submit it
      2. If you do not remember your password, please click on “Forgot Password”
    2. Scroll down a little bit and you will see your quote, please check the reference number. Click on the “Details” button in white
    3. You will find all the info related to your quote. On the list on the left side, you will find the “payment” option. Click there and you will be redirected to the payment window
    4. Fill your card details (Visa or Mastercard)
    5. Find the confirmation in the payment section
  • Can I pay my balance online in the Client Area?

    You can indeed log into your client area and pay the balance there. 

  • What currency am I charged in?

    We will charge you in Euros. If you come from a different currency country, your bank might apply currency exchange fees to your payment transaction. This is out of our control as it depends on your bank. 

  • How much money should I bring? Cash? Credit card use?

    If you are travelling from a different currency country, we strongly recommend you change to Euros before you travel for your own peace of mind. There’s ATM’s at the airports and in the big cities, but your bank might charge you a commission when you withdraw in a different country or currency.

    The small bars and cafes you will see along the Camino sometimes do not accept credit cards, or there’s a minimum amount to pay by credit card, so we will recommend you always carry cash with you. As an example: A lunch meal along the Camino usually costs between €10-€12, coffee is usually around 2€. 

  • Will there be city taxes on my trip?

    There’s a city tax in most towns in France/Italy and some cities in Spain. The city tax has to be paid directly in cash by the client upon check-in. 

Customer Service Support

  • What happens if I have an issue during my Camino trip?

    We provide you with a 24/7 support line to help you with any issues that may arise during your stay with the services we have booked for you. This number is at the bottom of the page on each one of your vouchers.

    Please note that this is not an emergency line, if you get injured or find yourself in an emergency situation please call the local authorities on 112

Pre-departure Pack & Vouchers

  • What is the Pre-departure Pack and what does it contain?

    The Pre-departure Pack is a letter that we will send you by post containing your pilgrim passport, your luggage tag, and route notes or guidebook if you have requested a hard copy.

    For walking notes and vouchers, you need to go to the client area and download them there. 

  • What happens if I have not received my Pre-departure Pack?

    You can check when your Pre-departure Pack will be sent in the Client Area. 

    In most cases, the Pre-departure Pack will be waiting for you upon arrival at your first accommodation. Make sure you ask at reception upon check-in if they have received a package for you.

  • What are the walking notes and where to find them?

    The walking notes are guidelines to assist you on your trip. The Camino is pretty well marked and you only need to follow the yellow arrows, but sometimes there’s variations on the routes. Also, some routes are more difficult to follow than others, so we have put together notes and maps for you.

    We always recommend you look at them the night before or during breakfast before starting your walking day, to familiarize yourself with the towns you are going to go through and the terrain. But in order for you to have an enjoyable walk looking at the landscape we do not recommend walking with the notes out on your hand. 

    Once your reservation is confirmed you can download the walking notes for your Camino trip at the Client Area.

  • What are the vouchers and where to find them?

    Once your reservation is confirmed you can download the vouchers for your Camino trip at the Client Area.

    The vouchers contain all the information of your confirmed accommodation for the trip. You will have the address, their phone number, any special notes on how to get there, and a small map on where it is located. 

    Also, you can find our 24/7 support phone number on the bottom of each voucher. There’s no need to print the vouchers, your accommodation has your reservation confirmed.  

Gear & Weather

  • what is the best time to go on the Camino?

    The issue is that we are all different and consider “nice weather” different weather forecasts. Most popular times to go to the Camino are Spring and Autumn but bear in mind that this is the North of Spain and the weather is unpredictable, you can have really wet summers and lovely sunny autumn days.

    In terms of crowds, May & September are the busiest months, so if you’d like to walk with a level of peace and quiet, we recommend you walking in a different time.

    For further information about weather and average of the past few year, visit our Camino Weather Map

  • What is the best footwear for the Camino?

    It depends on the route and time of the year. Trainers are lighter but they are not waterproof, for some routes trainers are enough. Boots are traditionally heavier and are better suited for mountain terrain. There’s also walking shoes. It depends what you are used to and what you feel more comfortable walking in.

    To make for a more pleasant Camino, it’s important to find shoes that fit well and are suited to the weather and terrain of the trip you’re planning. Here you have further information on how to choose the best footwear for your Camino trip. 

  • Do I need walking poles on the Camino?

    One way to ease the uphill and downhill on the Camino is the use of walking poles. These reduce the load on your feet by 10-15% and offer a more stable platform. This is totally optional, some people love walking with poles and they find it very easy, other people walk better without them. We recommend that before you go to the shop and get your pair of poles, go on a practice run near home with friends and borrow a pair of walking sticks to see if you like it or not. 


  • What’s the best time to start walking in the morning?

    We usually recommend starting around 8am/9am. This is totally up to you. In the summer months you might want to start earlier to avoid the heat, also daylight hours are longer.

    Walking times are based on real time assessment as per a normal walker (4km/h and/or 300m/h ascent and/or 400m/h descent) and exclude breaks.

    You want to be walking between 4 and 6 hours ideally, excluding breaks. 

  • What should you not take on the Camino?

    We do not recommend big suitcases on the Camino, they are not easy to handle and there’re accommodations with no lift, so you would need to carry it up and down the stairs, Not really practical.

    We do not recommend evening clothes or heels, you are not going to need them.

    Also valuables in your luggage like a laptop, you do not really need them on the Camino and we cannot be responsible for damage or loss. 

Pilgrim Passport, Cathedral & Botafumeiro

  • What is the Pilgrim Passport and why do I need stamps?

    The Pilgrim passport (Credencial del Peregrino) will be proof that you have walked the 100km necessary to obtain your ‘Compostela’ or ‘Pilgrim Certificate’, the official document to your journey. You will need to collect at least two stamps per day. You can get a stamp at your accommodation, any cafe/bars/restaurants your stop in as well as some shops and churches along the Way.

    We will provide you with pilgrim passport per person as part of our holiday pack. You can also read more here about getting your Pilgrim Certificate:  How to Get Your Camino Compostela – The Pilgrim Office Santiago.

  • Why do some people wear Scallop shells?

    Scallop shells are a symbol of the pilgrims who are completing the Camino. There are various theories as to why this is the symbol, mainly due to the death of Saint James. Other people think it is for practical purposes such as gathering water from the fountains. You will see nowadays most people just put them on their backpacks to show that they are a pilgrim.

    You can purchase a Scallop Shell at many local shops and stalls along the Camino.

  • Is the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela holding mass at the moment?

    The timings for the mass held at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela are everchanging. Hence we recommend checking the Cathedral official website for more information. We also provide you with this information in the General Information in the client area. 

  • Is the Botafumeiro ceremony taking place at the moment?

    Due to restoration works inside the Cathedral, until further notice, there will be no Botafumeiro ceremony.

    Check the Cathedral official website for more information. We also provide you with this information in the General Information in the client area.